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Rosemount TGS

Posted by Arash Behboudian 21/08/2021 0 Comment(s)

Rosemount  . Tank Gauging System . Radar 5900S




A-  3 noises could be observed on 16 , 22 & 27  meter height of SW  that the amplitude  of them are  higher than of the bottom plate  echo(32.5 METER )  .

So the radar will consider the echo of one of them instead of bottom plate as the level .





B- there were no choice for detecting of Bottom plate as a right level  that reduce the amplitude of general threshold and do ATP (Map) to map the  noises as  follows:

In addition our comments was that the noises must be removed from the stilling well at the next step.






C- after announcement of fixing the problem from the customer the below scan was taken from the radar again and you could see the noses amplitude are reduced to below 100 mv in comparison with before fixing that was near to 250 mv.

But the new problem was raised at the end of the stilling well. The amplitude of  bottom plate considered near to 800 mv that wasn’t reasonable and seems the bottom plate had changing the position from standard instructions or something go wrong at the below of SW.






D- As you can see on below the bottom plate position is changed  and the radar waves hits the tank floor instead of bottom plate and it was the reason of that large echo comes up  from the end of the SW.





E- After change of the position of bottom plate to the right position the radar scan shows us the below curve that is reasonable.

The bottom plate echo becomes lower than 300 mv and also the noises below than 100 mv and now we can add the General  amplitude above 100mv and do ATP again to map the noises .



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