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Ista Kherad Parseh(IKP CO)
has been established in Iran as a private local company in August 2011.

Since establish time we have focused on EPC projects on industrial automation systems (I&C) and managed to get a significant number of projects in Iran and a number in other countries.

Establishment of separate Departments for design, consulting, sales and project implementation on Field measuring instruments, Control Systems ,Tank Gauging Systems and Flow metering systems has been in our policy from the beginning and each of them has provided appropriate achievements.

We firmly believe in the continuous training of our colleagues in this company, and in this regard, we have maintained our effective relationship with reputable manufacturers in the field of industrial automation.

Acquisition of technical knowledge and updating it, attracting and retaining an expert colleague as well as obtaining the necessary certification in the field of industrial automation (Instrumentation  and Control Systems ) have made us successful in attracting and completing our activities.


Tehran Office Address :  3th Unit , No 29 , Laleh dead End , South Shirazi St. , Mollasadra St.


Workshop Address : NowAvar St. , Parand Industrial Town