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Field Measuring Instruments

                                                     ( Gauges ,Switches & Indicators)

Based on the process conditions, required accuracy, output signal, Material compatibility and other parameters

our specialists in the field measuring instrument department select the right product to cover both technical and

commercial considerations.

Field Measuring Instruments that we serves our services are as follows:

Flow Transmitters  , Flow indicators and Flow Switches 

Level transmitters ,Level Switches and Level gauges 

Pressure transmitters , Pressure Switches and pressure gauges

Temperature Transmitters , Temperature Switches and temperature gauges


Flow  Measurement 

There are different type of Flow meters, Flow Switches and Flow indictors as follows:

Coriolis , Magnetic, Vortex, Ultrasonic, Rota meter Turbine, Positive Displacement, Orifice, Pitot,, Oval gear, Thermal.

type of Flow meter correspond to proccess condition must be selected  and after it do flow sizing is one of the most important activates .

Right flow meter sizing will increase the accuracy of the flow meter and get rid of us from cavitation and also has financial benefits (by reducing the size of flow meter)

It is what we providing for the customer in flow measurement.


Level Measurement 
There are different types of level Transmitters, Level Switches and Level Gauges:

Radar, Guided Radar, Ultrasonic, Servo, Capacitive, Conductive, Displacement, Vibration, Float, Sight Glass, Hydro static



Pressure Measurement 
One of the physical measurement that most widely used in the industries is Pressure measurement (Absolut, Gauge, and Differential)

Pressure and differential pressure measuring devices with all varies accessories are one of our main consideration.
There are different type of Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches and Pressure Gauges as follows:

Pizoresestive , Capacitance, Bourdon, Diaphragm, Bellows.



Temperature Measurement 

There are different type of Temperature Transmitters, Switches and Gauges and thermo wells as follows:

Sensors: RTD, TC, Bi-Metal, / Thermo well: Pipe and Bar stock

Selection of suitable sensor with right thermo well that could stands on process condition with no defects is one of our duty.
Stress calculation, select the right insertion length and other important parameters must be undertaken to select the right temperature sensor, thermo well and transmitter to overcome the process condition.